Training Unit

The Training Unit of the Lal Real Estate Evaluation Company, has been designed to plan training programs that will bring to its staff skills that might be needed in the field of real estate valuation, to be updated on new innovations in this sector, to institutionalize the experience of the company and to create the skilled workforce that is needed by the company, in accordance with the objectives fixed by the company..

While the content of the training program is carefully designed to meet the needs of the expert and inspector staff, other training programs are being planned to meet the need of the management staff.

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In the "Introduction to Real Estate" training program, designed to provide to real estate appraisal experts candidates who are newly entering this sector the technical knowledge that is necessary in this field before they begin fieldwork, studies on government agencies and works that include sample appraisals are also included. Other study groups under the titles of "Introduction to the Legislation on the Deed of Real Estate", "Seminar on Information Sharing for Inspectors", "Valuation of Agricultural Land", "The Importance of Efficient Communication in Work Life", "Important Provisions and Results of the Restraints of the Deeds of Real Estate", "Issues on which to be Careful in Real Estate Appraisal", "Legislative Changes that were made in 2013", "Analysis and Resolution of the causes of Reevaluation", "Procedural Monitoring and Finalization Steps in Real Estate Appraisal", "Training Program on the Specification of Banking Expertise", "Legislative Changes that were made in 2014", "Systems of Monitoring of Banking Appraisal, Training Program on Report Formats", "Components that Need to be Emphasized in Report Checking", "Machinery Appraisal", "Increasing the Quality of Reports", "Zoning Plans and Planning", "Architectural Project and Certificate", "Valuation of Quarries", "Grammar, Spelling Rules, Ambiguity" have also been organized.


Seminars for students from Ankara University, Middle East technical University, Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Economical and Technological University (TOBB ETU) and Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University on the topic of "The Sector of Real Estate Valuation" have been organized by Lal Real Estate Appraisal Inc. in line with the incoming demands.


Training programs like "The Principles of Real Estate Valuation", "Study Work for Basic Financial Mathematics", and "Distance Learning Study Group for Vocational Regulations and Ethical Rules" have been organized free of charges for candidates who were preparing for the Exam of Real Estate Valuation Expertise Certificate.


Mr. Osman Yüksel
Civil Engineer/Real Estate Valuation Specialist with SPK (Capital Market Board) License

The Certificate and Title of Real Estate Valuation Expertise, is not attained by obtaining a Bachelor and/or Graduate Degree from any higher Education Institution or by being a member of a certain vocational group. This Certificate/Title is only granted by the Capital Market Board of the Republic of Turkey. For this reason, the title of Real Estate Valuation Specialist must be differentiated from titles like lawyer, doctor, engineer, architect etc.

"Valuation Expertise" that requires knowledge from many different vocational disciplines, is in that way a different type of expertise. Real Estate Valuation is, because of high number of subjects that it includes and the fact that it is related to many different areas of expertise, is an area in which learning and personal development must be continuous. Lal Real Estate Appraisal Inc. that is closely monitoring all developments in the sector of real estate valuation in this perspective, is pursuing its endeavors to increase the quality of its services by designing training programs that are in line with the needs of its sector.

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