Based on the company’s goals, LÂL Academy Unit aims to plan trainings, follow innovations, institutionalize the company’s experience and contribute to the acquisition of skilled human resources to the company in order to provide the equipment that its employees may need. At the same time, the LÂL Academy Unit, which aims to plan trainings for all actors in the sector, continues its activities in line with these goals.

While it is aimed to contribute to the development of the expert and controller staff with the training content carefully determined according to the needs of its personnel, trainings are also planned for administrative personnel.

In the “introduction to Real Estate Valuation” trainings, which are given to the candidates of appraisers who have just entered the sector in order to obtain the necessary technical knowledge before fieldwork, activities involving official institution reviews and sample valuation processes are also carried out. In addition, trainings were conducted under the titles: “Introduction to Land Registry Law”, “Information Sharing Seminar for Controllers”, “The Valuation of Agricultural Land”, “The Importance of Effective Communication in Working Life”, “Terms and Results of Land Restrictions”, “Factors to be Considered in the Real Estate Valuation”, “Changes in the Relevant Legislation in 2013”, “Review and Elimination of the Causes of Investigation”, “Steps, Monitoring and Conclusion of the Valuation Process”, “Training on Bank Appraisal Specification”, “Changes in the Relevant Legislation in 2014”, “Trainings on Bank Valuation Tracking Systems, Report Formats”, “Factors to be Considered in the Control of the Report”, “Valuation of the Machinery”, “Improving the Report Quality”, “Development Plans and Planning, “Architectural Project and License”, “Mineral Valuation”, “Grammar, Spelling Rules, Ambiguities”.








LÂL Real Estate Valuation Inc., which organizes informative activities for university students in accordance with incoming requests, gave seminars to students on “Real Estate Valuation and The Sector“ in Ankara University, Middle East Technical University, Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey University of Economics and Technology (TOBB ETU) and Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University.







Trainings under the titles “Principles of Real Estate Valuation”, “Basic Financial Mathematics Study” and “Distance Study on Professional Legislation and Ethical Rules” were conducted free of charge for candidates preparing for Licensing Exam for the Specialization on Real Estate Valuation.







Osman Yüksel

Civil Engineer/Real Estate Appraiser with CMB License

The license and title of real estate valuation expertise cannot be obtained from any higher education institution by obtaining a Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree or by belonging to a professional group and is awarded by the Turkish Prime Ministry Capital Market Board. For this reason, appraisers are separated from professional titles such as lawyers, doctors, engineers, architects etc.

“Valuation Expertise”, which also requires mastery of information that is the subject of many different professional disciplines, is also a different expertise in this aspect. Real estate valuation is an area where learning and development should be continuous due to the large number of subjects it contains and different areas of expertise it concerns. With this awareness, Lal Real Estate Valuation Inc. Academy  Unit, which closely follows all developments in the field of real estate, continues its work in order to improve the quality of its service by planning trainings in line with the needs of the sector.