Mehmet Sait Öz, who was born in Ankara in 1947, graduated from Deneme High School after completing his primary and elementary education in Ankara. He graduated from Turkish Military Academy (1970-17) Engineer Corps in 1970. Later, he is transferred to Ordnance Corps. He worked in various positions within Turkish Land Forces Command in Şanlıurfa, Denizli, TRNC-Kyrenia, İskenderun, Erzurum-Aşkale, Tekirdağ-Çorlu, Malatya and Ankara. He is retired from Ministry of National Defence Ministry Inspectorate on 30 August 2001 with the rank of Senior Colonel. After he is retired, he worked as Company Partner in Lal İnşaat Emlak Taahhüt ve Mühendislik Ltd. Şti. and Lal Gayrimenkul Değerleme Ltd. Şti. Mehmet Sait Öz, who is one of the founding members of Lal Real Estate Appraisal INC., has worked for long years as Board Member Responsible for Quality Management.

Another passion of Mehmet Sait Öz, who loves nature and land and sea hunting, is reading poetry. Retired Senior Colonel Mehmet Sait Öz, who has three children named Ebru, Eda and Habib Özer from his happy marriage with retired Teacher İclal Öz which lasted 40 years, passed away on 5 August 2012.


He was born in Ankara on 05.02.1950. After completing his primary and elementary education, he graduated from Engine Department of Ankara Gazi Technical and Industrial Occupational High School in 1971. He started his professional career by working on cars which is his biggest hobby and interest.

In 1972, he started working as Manager of the Diagnostic Department in Renault Mais service. Later, he worked in machinery departments of Ankara Özcan İnşaat in 1981 and Kavala Companies Group in 1990. In 1995, he undertook the responsibility and maintenance of antique cars within T Companies Group. He retired in the same year.

He started working in Lal Real Estate Appraisal INC. in 2004 as private driver and he became dear “Asım Abi” of all the staff with his sympathetic and sincere approach. His heart has always beaten with love for the Republic and Atatürk. He always indoctrinated this love to people around him in his conversations. He gained the love of people with his benevolence and joy. Living for his family and friends was his greatest principle.

He passed away on 24.02.2012 because of heart attack. Thinking about his loss, we felt that we have lost our best friend and confidante.

May the God rest your soul!


Yusuf Ziya Erçoklu, who was born in Ahmet Paşa Neighbourhood of Divriği in 1927, completed his primary and elementary education in Divriği and high school education in Sivas. He graduated from Ankara University Law School and after completing his internship, he worked as Judge and Prosecutor in various places. While he was working as Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor in Ankara, he was appointed to Ministry of Justice as Chief Advisor and 6 months later he was appointed as General Director and remained in this position until he retired voluntarily in December 1981. Erçoklu, who was elected as the Representative of Ministry of Justice in Capital Market Board on 13 January 1982, left this position in 1988 after 6 years and 5 months of service. In the same year, he founded Kural Independent Audit Consultancy Company and worked as the chairman of this company and at the same time he was the President of Ankara Independent Audit Association.

In 1990, he left Kural Independent Audit Consultancy Company and founded As Stock Company and worked as the Chairman and General Director of the company. He worked as consultant in various companies after he left this company in 1992. He started working in Lal Real Estate Appraisal INC. as real estate appraisal expert and legal adviser in 2007.

Yusuf Ziya Erçoklu, who was married with two children and four grandchildren, passed away in 2009.

You are living in our memories with the values you added to us…