Our company provides services about “Real Estate Valuation and Consultancy Services”.

Our company is committed to protecting confidentiality, integrity and all physical and electronic information assets. Information and information security requirements will be in line with our corporate goals. The management of our company will employ well-educated, competent personnel who are open to change, and will provide financing, sufficient equipment and infrastructure to ensure competition with our competitors in the sector. Necessary financing will be provided along with this infrastructure and personnel. Business continuity and contingency plans, data backup procedures, avoidance of viruses and hackers, access control systems and information security breach notification will form the cornerstones of our core activities. The vulnerabilities and threats obtained as a result of the risk assessments will be eliminated, and secure access to the information of our customers and personnel will be provided.

In addition, as a result of risk assessments, our objectives will be determined and the necessary resources and conditions will be provided to achieve these objectives.

In order to realize this policy, we expect our employees to make the Information Security Management System conditions a way of working. It will be ensured that all personnel and certain third parties receive appropriate training on the Information Security Management System.

Applicable conditions regarding information security and the opportunities and requirements brought by these conditions will be fulfilled and these conditions will be continuously improved. In addition, our company, our personnel and all relevant parties will be adapted to this system.

Our Information Security Policy is reviewed and updated with the participation of management and unit responsible once a year or in case of significant changes regarding our company to ensure its suitability, accuracy and effectiveness.