Our company LÂL  Real Estate Appraisal and Consultancy Inc., has been serving its customers since 1996 with experienced employees in the fields of real estate, machinery  valuation and consultancy.

Having experienced employees who have taken part in the valuations of many elements of real estate such as lands, plots, houses, villas, workplaces, buildings, shopping malls, factories, hotels, holiday resorts, fuel stations etc. as well as of machinery such as construction equipment, machinery parks, facilities, our company has the central office in Ankara located in Central Anatolia and has regional offices in Istanbul in the Marmara region, Izmir in the Aegean region, Adana in the Mediterranean region, Şanlıurfa in the Southeast Anatolia region, Van in the Eastern Anatolia region, Samsun in the Black Sea region. It is a company that provides services to the whole country with contract appraisers located all over Turkey. We are serving in Cyprus, Europe, Russia, Central Asian Turkish Republics and the Middle East thanks to our cooperation.

Our work, impartially carried out by scientific methods, in accordance with International Valuation Standards (IVSC), is shared only with interested parties in accordance with the principle of confidentiality.

We are happy to answer all your questions about the real estate and machinery sector and to provide services to you on issues within our knowledge and experience.

Please call us to meet us and get information about our services.

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